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Yvonne J. Huang, M.D

Principal Investigator


An expert in studies of the respiratory microbiome in asthma and COPD, Dr. Huang has spearheaded several seminal studies in this area including trials sponsored by the NIH.  In addition to symposiums at national and international forums, she has participated on recent panels and workshops of the NIH and National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.. See Yvonne's CV here

Ariangela J. Kozik, PhD, Research Investigator

Ari received her BS in Biotechnology from Calvin College, and her PhD in Comparative Pathobiology from Purdue University. Ari joined the lab in the Spring of 2018, and her research is focused on using metagenomic and 16S rRNA based approaches to explore the relationships among the respiratory microbiome, gut microbiome, and asthmatic disease phenotypes.


Rachel Esparza,

Clinical Research Coordinator

University of Michigan Asthma Program


Yize Hao

Undergraduate researcher

Kyra Henderson

Undergraduate researcher

Siddharth Madapoosi, MPH

Medical student

Huang Lab Manager: Guowu Bian MD, PhD

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