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Oge  Ndum, M.D., M.S

Allergy Fellow


Clinical Fellow in the Department of Allergy and Immunology

Oge grew up in Maryland and trained in Cleveland at Case Western Reserve University. We are currently investigating the role that airway and gut microbiota play in adult asthma

Snehal Nariya B.S

Graduate Student



University of Washington BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology. I joined Dr. Yvonne Huang and Dr. Homer Boushey's team at UCSF in 2011. At UCSF, I worked under the guidance of Dr. Huang on several projects: AsthmaNet Microbiome, BOBCAT (Bronchoscopic Exploratory Research Study of Biomarkers in Corticosteroid-refractory Asthma), and airway microbiome pathogenesis in COPD exacerbations.  I accepted Dr. Huang’s invitation to join her in her new position at the University of Michigan and continued our work on how respiratory microbiota might shape outcomes in airway diseases such as asthma. At UMICH, I helped step-up the new lab and studied the possible microbial etiologies of resistance to inhaled corticosteroids treatments.Currently, I am a microbiology master's student at San Diego State University. My thesis research focuses of constructing methanotrophic cells capable of intracellular oxygen production

Sherry Zhou, MD, MSc

Fellow in Allergy and Immunology

Sherry is an allergy and immunology fellow at the University of Michigan. She completed her residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan, and her medical school training at NYU School of Medicine. She also received her Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation degree from NYU.  She joined the lab at the end of 2018. Her project is focused on gut microbiome and asthma phenotype.


Molly Cook

Research Lab Tech Associate


Molly joined the lab in the spring of 2018. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in Biochemistry at Eastern Michigan University.


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